Quad Studios is a musical and theatrical rehearsal facility

We offer PA and backline in large soundproofed, air-conditioned rooms with natural light. In addition the whole facility is on the ground floor with its own large secure car park. For National and International projects featuring crews, tour busses etc there are loading bays to help with moving stage sets and artists’ equipment.

Quad Studios are concerned with Rehearsals sounding good!

Quad Studios has invested in quality throughout. Great soundproofed acoustically designed spaces along with the professional monitors and extensive PA systems.

At Quad you will find Axys powered floor monitors that run to 130 db alongside 500wt Mackie powered 3 way speakers. We also stock a range of proper analogue and digital mixers from Allen & Heath, MackieMidas and Yamaha.

Vocal microphones are the industry standard SM58 and Audix 02’s (which in our opinion sound much better). For musicians requiring amps we stock a wide range of Fenders, Marshalls, Mesa Boogies and Class A boutique amps from Soldano and Dr Z. We also supply drum kits from Mapex, Premier, Tamburo & Yamaha. Quad Studios believes however that the best equipment for your unique sound is yours!

Our onsite parking, ground floor access or storage facilities make it as easy as possible for you to use your own equipment.

Leicester Rehearsal Room

We are in love with Technology

Quad Studios firmly believes that computers, along with turntables, electronic drums, synths & samplers, Ipads and all manner of modern gizmos and software are as valid as more traditional items such as pianos, mandolins or a rain stick. The use of these modern instruments alongside the traditional can be very creative and rewarding.

Quad Studios seeks to encourage the idea that our studio spaces are more than just rehearsal rooms but extensions to your home studio. The décor and room design that allow computers to be linked to the internet if required make the ethos of “home from home” a reality.

Whether incorporating modern technology into a live setting or for the serious home studio set up that needs a live room Quad Studios has THE ideal space.

Quad Studios is a fully equipped Recording Studio

We offer a wide variety of recording facilities from a stereo recording of your rehearsal through to a heavily overdubbed 24 bit 96 kHz mastered soundtrack. Our multi-room setup means perfect isolation for all parts in a live “one take” scenario. We record using several mediums analogue, digital, tape, minidisk etc depending on budget and desired results.

Control rooms and live areas are available for hire to producers, engineers and artists either fully equipped or empty should you wish to install your own set-up. Please call to discuss your particular requirements.

Quad Studios is a place to relax

Our Front of house is spacious with a reception, Pro shop and Quaffs Café offering an environment and services that will add to your rehearsal. The Café offers hot & cold food and drinks but is not licensed so please BYOB . We will happily chill wines & beers.

The Pro shop offers a wide range of essential supplies such as guitar strings, drum heads, batteries through to full guitar rigs and drum Kits. We are main dealers for Mays internal drum mics which are on demo and installed in several of our kits.