Rehearsal FAQ

How do I book?

Give the studio a call and someone should be on hand to help. If you get through to our answer machine please leave a message and we’ll get back you as soon as possible.

Can I book online?

While you can make enquiries via email, we don’t have an online booking system.

Can I pay on the night?

We take payment on booking to secure the rehearsal/recording slot. You can either pay by card over the phone or come to the studio in person to make the booking

Someone in the band can’t make it; can I reschedule or have a refund?

If you’re calling us on the day – no. However, if you give us a minimum of 24 hours notice of the change then we are happy to accommodate.

Do I have to specify what time we want or can we just play it by ear?

We work by advanced booking. We have a first come, first served policy. To guarantee yourself a rehearsal slot book early or there may not be a time available for you.

Can’t I just call on the day?

By all means, do call us if you’re trying to get something last minute and we will do our best to accommodate you. However we would recommend booking in advance.

Do you have residency rooms?

We do indeed! Take a look here.

Can I borrow cymbals / a guitar etc from Quad?

Quad doesn’t lend out instruments (other than the drum kits which come with the room). We don’t have any keyboard equipment (stands, power supplies, etc.) and we don’t lend out straps.

How long can I book for?

We take bookings with a minimum of 2 hours

Can I book a particular room?

When booking with us feel free to request a room, stating your particular needs. We can’t guarantee but we’ll certainly try our best to accommodate. We do feel all our rooms are great!

Can I block book?

A. Yes, you can, however we do maintain the “payment on booking” policy. Give the studio a call and we’ll talk about the best way to go about this process with you

Can I make a music video?

If you can find a filmmaker we’re happy to help.  We have some wonderful rooms. We don’t, however, offer this as a service.

Do you sell snacks?

We have a snack shop and tea and coffee making facilities.

Do you sell strings, sticks and batteries etc.?

We have a small shop that sells the essentials so if you break a string or a stick or need batteries for your pedal then we can sort you out.

What happens if I call and there’s no answer?

Leave a message or call back later and we’ll be able to help you.  Alternatively, email us and we’ll do our best to respond as soon as we can.

Is the studio on the ground floor?

Yes, all our studios are on the ground floor so access is easy.

Is there parking?

Yes, the studio has free parking

Do you have storage?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer this service

Is it easy to load in?

Yes, the entrance is ground level and we have trolleys situated by the front door to aid with moving equipment

Have you got Wi-Fi?

We have free Wi-Fi available in the front of house/reception area.

Is there anywhere I put up an ad or notice?

Yes, we have a noticeboard. Feel free to use it. Or alternatively, you can post on our Facebook page

Recording FAQ

Can I bring my friend to use your studio to record my band?

No. Recording sessions come with an engineer and we don’t let anyone else touch the equipment

Can I bring my own gear to record?

We’re happy for you to book a room to do so, just bear in mind that you may get some noise bleed from other rehearsal rooms

Can I borrow your equipment to record?

No. We don’t lend our equipment out. If you want to record yourself you’ll need to bring your own gear

I want to make beats. Can I use your studio to do that?

We work with bands or with people who bring us a backing track to record vocals to. If you have a pre-existing track you would like to work on we can help, but we don’t make beats or instrumentals.

What happens after I’ve recorded with you?

We can provide you with a mix of the session on CD or if you bring a USB or portable hard drive we can give you MP3s. Similarly, if you wish to take a copy of the project we can also do this.