Our Control room forms part of a three room suite for high end recording projects.

  • Traditional recording using either analogue or digital mixing desks for creating polished works, voice overs, tracking or overdubbing.
  • Central point for an in-ear monitoring system that can link to any room in the studio.
  • Part of a multi room rehearsal/recording set-up for more involved projects

The two adjacent sound proofed rooms, Studio 2 and The Drum room are unique live spaces that naturally accentuate a wide audio spectrum.

  • With our extensive microphone selection and using a variety of standard and intriguing mic placements an incredible sonic palette can be achieved.
  • The suite is designed to allow interaction between players whilst maintaining a high degree of separation for all recordings. The live interaction between musicians can / does add energy and vitality to recordings which is what Quad Studios aims to capture.

The suite is also ideal for Voice over work and individual instrument tracking.

The recording studio is available for £32 per hour

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