In order to avoid confusion and upset, we would like to draw your attention to our Booking and Cancellation Policy.

Quad takes payment on booking and requires a minimum of 24 hours notice for a cancellation with credit.

Payment can be made in person at Quad or taken over the phone via credit/debit card. Quad does not accept Amex or Diners Club.

Cancellations can also be made in person at Quad, taken over the phone or via our booking form on our website

This means

A rehearsal is paid for in advance.

If you call on the actual day of a rehearsal or just fail to turn up because of any reason, and expect your money back the answer unfortunately is no.

This Booking and Cancellation policy can prove difficult for some as it requires a degree of commitment and a level of responsibility which may not always be possible for all sorts of Rock ‘n’ Roll reasons. (Organising and running a band IS a nightmare! and customers are advised to watch “Spinal Tap” the movie for a small insight). For further help, clarification or assistance please contact us.